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                                     Consignment Agreement

Read, Print, Sign and Return with your 1st Drop Off

Wee-Cycled Kidzwear

320 Prince St., P.O. Box 1813

Tappahannock, VA 22560

www.weecycledkidzwear.com · 804-443-KIDZ · weecycled@hotmail.com

Consignment Agreement

1. The consignor is the owner of all goods consigned to Wee-Cycled Kidzwear and has the legal right to enter into this Consignment Agreement and said goods are saleable and free and clear of liens or other claims and, are not to your knowledge, stolen property.

2. Wee-Cycled Kidzwear (from here forward referred as WCK) retains the right to accept or decline any item for consignment at their sole discretion and WCK retains the right to display items for sale as they see fit. WCK also retains the right to price items as we deem appropriate, to sell as quickly as possible. If you do not agree with this, then consignment is not for you.

3. It is the Consignor’s responsibility to present handmade or brand name goods clean, complete and free of defects, on a hanger (which WCK may provide) in ready-to-wear condition, pressed, in season, less than 5 years old and without missing buttons/strings/bows, etc.

4. Consignor may bring no more than 50 items at a time and may possibly wait for WCK Staff to perform an initial screening of their consignment for any return of No Thank You (NTY) items, if I have time, otherwise, items are dropped and will be inspected later. Items found to have flaws after this process that were not recognized will be automatically donated without any notice. You have the option at this time to decide whether you want items marked down for discount sales during your consignment period. You must also decide at this time if you want your items returned to you or released to WCK. It is the consignors’ responsibility to locate any items not being released to WCK at the end of the consignment period.

5. There is a $15.00 (one time) sign up fee to register to consign with WCK. This fee is non-refundable and there are no exceptions to this.

6. If time is available and the consignor chooses not to wait for inspection, the consignment will be treated as a Drop And Run and any NTY items will become the possession of WCK for donation without notice to you. Once an account has been established with WCK, consignors may use the Drop And Run method to add up to 25 items per week, per account. NTY items will not be returned while using the Drop And Run process.

7. The consignment period with WCK is one hundred twenty (120) days with periodic markdowns. You must pick up any items you want returned within two (2) weeks of the expired consignment date. All items not retrieved /removed from the premises of WCK by day one hundred thirty four (134) become sole property of WCK to be sold, stored or donated as we see fit. You will not be notified of the upcoming expiration date. It is your responsibility to remember this date. There is no exception to this rule. All items are subject to markdowns/sales and coupon specials at any time. Standard mark downs are as follows: around 40-60 days under consignment, items will be reduced 25% off; around 90 days under consignment, items will be reduced to 50% off. (WCK Reserves the right to change the number of days as we see fit.)

8. You, the consignor, will receive 40% of the selling price, whether full price or reduced/sale price. WCK collects a commission on all goods sold equal to sixty percent (60%). WCK will not pay out on a monthly consignment that is less than $2.00. WCK will attempt to price items at ½ - 1/3, or less, of current retail prices using online pricing and advertised prices as our base, the demand for the item, its condition and brand name.

9. WCK will email you between the 1-10th of each month for the previous months consignment totals. WCK does not telephone consignors regarding their account. It is your responsibility to check your account either by dropping by, telephone, or by emailing us as at WCK. Email (weecycled@hotmail.com) is the preferred method of communication and we reserve the right to allow 3-4 days for answering questions that require some research.

10. WCK, as standard practice, does not mail checks. For a $5 fee deducted from your sales, we will do so at your written request. WCK will write checks on or around the 10th of each month for the previous months consignments. (This is subject to change). WCK will email you when checks have been written and are ready for pickup. You will be asked to sign a receipt for any monies you receive from WCK. ****IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not picked up payment within 30 days of your 120 day consignment ending period, you forfeit any profit from sales made on your behalf by WCK. There are no exceptions to this.

11. You, the consignor, have the option of using your accrued funds as an in store credit at WCK to purchase anything in the shop, including bisque ware at Paintz. You must use your in store credit within thirty (30) days, regardless of the season or items in the shop. There are no exceptions to this. You may request payment of remaining balance, in the form of a check from WCK.

12. WCK does not guarantee your items will sell whether expressed or implied.

13. WCK may change the terms and conditions of this consignment agreement at any time without notifying you, the consignor, at our discretion, to suit our business needs and growth.

14. You, the consignor, agree to not hold WCK liable or responsible for any damage to your consigned items from loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster or internal shop disaster.

Our number one priority at Wee-Cycled Kidzwear is to sell your items at the highest possible profit for you, the consignor. The more you make, the more we make. The above contract terms were established after much research and interviewing other shop owners in the hopes of making our shop a success for not only our consignors and customers, but the community as well. We want to make consigning easy for you and for us so that we may be on the floor selling your items and not bogged down with unnecessary tasks of preparing items for resale and paperwork. Be rest assured that all items donated will go to charities and church organizations and we welcome any suggestions. WCK welcomes any/all feedback on how we can improve our operations, shop appearance, etc.


Name: _______________________________________ Consignor Acct. # __________Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: ____________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ______________

Phone Numbers: _________________________________________________________

Date: ______________________

Email: __________________________________________________

_______ I want to relinquish all rights to my consigned items, at the end of my consignment period, to WCK.

_______ I want to retrieve any unsold consigned items at the end of my consignment period.

Signature ___________________________________________






















































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